Lamentation 04 2


Lamentation is the result of the pure joy of filmmaking. A group with a lot of desire to create came together. Filmmaker, choreographer and cinematographer, dancer and actress, composer, musicians and supporters to bring to life the vision of a film that would tell something about the eternal struggle of human life, without words, in the midst of nature.

Ema 108

Lied Me!

11 young singers and pianists explored the musical genre of art song in the digital space. The result is 9 unique short films in which the participants process their personal experiences and deal with very different topics: from fears and self-doubt, to sexuality and diversity, to globalization and uprooting. Unpack - Reflect - Vibrate!

Boomtown media artful learning thomas grube

Artful Learning

With Artful Learning it becomes clear how urgently we need a new learning culture, a culture of valuing relationships, a culture of potential development. Because the skills taught here, such as cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, coordination with others, creativity, critical thinking for complex problem solving will be indispensable in the future.

We make films.