Forest Collective presents Evocative Dance Film "Lamentation"

The Forest Collective presents their short dance film "Lamentation". With Maria Dragus ("The White Ribbon") portraying the EGO and Pauline Stoehr embodying the SOUL, the film tells an emotional journey through life's ups and downs.

"Lamentation" delves deep into the life cycle of growth, realization, and the inevitable obstacles and detours that life brings. As SOUL and EGO, dancer Pauline Stoehr and actress Maria Dragus traverse a path from unity to separation. Their shared journey, marked by struggle, search, pain, and ultimate liberation, ultimately leads them back to a harmonious existence. Set against the contrasting backdrop of a forest bathed in alternating darkness and light, the narrative unfolds in a quiet yet poignant meditation on life, directed by Thomas Grube.

The emotional dance sequences are underscored by Craig Urquhart's haunting score, "Lamentation for Flute and String Orchestra". The Berlin Academy of American Music, under the skillful direction of Garrett Keast and the melodic strains of flutist Stathis Karapanos, brings the composition to life.